Wednesday is Senior Day! 
 Small BBQ Pork, Beef, and 1/4 BBQ Chicken Plates and Pork & Beef Sandwiches these items only.Not valid with coupons or on holidays. Limited to these items only. Dine in only

Kids Stuff   ( For young’uns under 10).
 Served with hushpuppies and your choice of french fries or corn cobbette.
Add baked or sweet potato $1.00

Kid’s Burger                                $4.39
Kid’s Ribs                                     $5.99

Cheeseburger                               $4.39
Grilled Cheese                              $3.99

Hot Dog                                         $3.99 
Kid’s Pizza                                    $4.99

Corn Dog                                       $3.99
Kid’s Beef or Pork BBQ              $3.99

Chicken Strips                               $3.99
Macaroni and Cheese                 $3.99

Under 3 eat free with accompanying adult entree. 
Choose from Pork or Beef BBQ, or Hot Dog with french fries. 
            NO Subsitutions.                              Dine in ONLY.

Menu items and prices subject to change.


Sterling Silver Angus beef! You’re not getting this steak anywhere else in town. We hand cut our steaks daily and cook them the way you want them over live hickory wood flame.

Served with your choice of potato, bread, and either soup or a salad. 
Spice up your steak with lemon pepper, cajun seasonings, or mesquite, just $1.59! 
Load your baked potato $1.59

Rib Eye  8oz.   $15.99
                12 oz. $19.99
                16oz.  $23.99


Sirloin  6oz.   $10.99
              8oz.  $12.99

Beef Tips $10.99
 Grilled with green peppers and onions.

Chopped Steak $11.99
 3/4 lb Black Angus Beef grilled medium, medium well, or well done. Add onions 99¢.

Steak Combo $23.99

What a meal! Angus Rib Eye grilled to perfection over a live hickory wood fire. With your choice of one our award winning Pork Ribs, grilled marinated Chicken Breast filet, or slow-cooked BBQ Pork or Beef.

Rare: red, cool center
Medium Rare: hot, red center 
Medium: pink center

Medium Well: little pink 
Well Done: no pink

Hillbilly’s does not recommend well done steaks!

 Hillbilly Hamburgers

1/4 Lb. Burger $4.99
Black Angus beef with your choice of toppings

1/2 Lb. Burger $6.99
 Black Angus beef with choice of toppings!

Hillbilly’s Monster Burger $8.99 
Black Angus beef with choice of toppings! All the way is mustard, chili, onion, and slaw.

The BBQ Burger-Cooked in our famous bbq sauce and served with your choice of toppings
Single $5.49
Double $7.49

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Plates are served with sauce or without, hushpuppies and your choice of two sides.
                       Macaroni and cheese and bbq beans add $1.00
Sliced plates add 40¢
Add soup or  pre made side salad $1.99
Add salad bar $3.99
Load your baked potato $1.59

Pork BBQ and Beef BBQ $13.99

Ribs and your choice of Pork BBQ or Beef BBQ  -$16.99

Chicken and Ribs -$16.99

Chicken and your choice of Pork BBq or Beef BBQ $13.99

Type your paragra1989oPENED SINCE 1989


Hillbilly Chicken Tenders Basket $4.99 
Served with BBQ sauce or ranch dressing

Alex’s Hillbilly Wings $8.99 
Plain, Buffalo, BBQ, or Hot

Aaron's Onion Rings $4.99

Mozzarella Sticks $5.99
Served with ranch or marinara

Fried Pickle Basket-$4.99
golden brown with our cajun dip

SANDWICHES (Served with one side)
Add bbq beans $1.00
Add cheese to any sandwich 40¢. 
Add bacon 65¢.

 Substitute baked potato or sweet potato $1.00.
 Add soup or pre made side salad $1.99.
 Add salad bar       $3.99
 Light mayonnaise upon request.

 Grilled Ginger Chicken Sandwich
Marinated chicken breast grilled on the pit topped with lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise.

Hillbilly’s Smothered Chicken Sandwich $9.50
Chicken breast smothered in peppers, onions, and cheese.

Barbeque Chicken Sandwich $8.99
Grilled chicken breast, glazed with Hillbilly’s barbeque sauce and pickles.

Chicken Strip Sandwich $7.99
Fried chicken strips with lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise.


Served chopped with BBQ slaw and Hillbilly’s Original BBQ Sauce. 
Sliced add 40¢.

Substitute baked potato or sweet potato $1.00
Add soup or  pre made side salad $1.99
Add salad bar $3.99
subsitute macaroni and cheese or BBQ beans add $1.00

BBQ Pork sandwich
$4.99   With one side $6.49

Jumbo BBQ pork sandwich $5.99 With one side $7.49

BBQ Beef sandwich $5.99 With one side $7.49

Jumbo Beef sandwich $6.99  With one side $8.49


BBQ served with or without sauce, hushpuppies and your choice of two sides.
Macaroni and cheese or BBQ beans add $1.00

Sliced plates add 40¢
Add soup or  pre made side salad $1.99
Add salad bar $3.99
Load your baked potato $1.59

Large Pork $9.75

Small Pork $8.50

Large Beef $11.50

Small Beef $9.25


                               Add soup or pre made side salad $1.99. 
                                Add salad bar                   $3.99
                                Load your baked potato $1.59
                                Add macaroni and cheese or BBQ beans $1.00

Fried Fantail Shrimp Plate $11.99

Ten piece golden brown served with a choice of 2 sides and cocktail sauce and 

tartar sauce upon request

Smoked Turkey (98% Fat Free) $9.99
 Half a pound of sliced turkey breast with hushpuppies, and choice of 2 sides. (served hot or cold)

Hillbilly Plate $7.99 
Includes cole slaw, corn on the cob, choice of potato, pinto beans, fried okra, and hushpuppies.

(no other substitions please)

Smoked Sausage Plate
-$8.99 -
cooked on hickory pit-served with pepper and onions with choice of two sides



Here they are! Our award winning barbeque pork ribs.

Served with or without Hillbilly’s original barbeque sauce. Plates served with  hushpuppies and your choice of two sides.
                     Macaroni and cheese or bbq beans add $1.00

Load your baked potato $1.59 

Add soup or  pre made side salad  $1.99.
Add salad bar $3.99

Large Rib Plate $16.99 

Small Rib Plate $14.99

1 Lb. Ribs Only $14.99
1/2 Lb. Ribs Only $8.49

FOR THE HUNGRY - ALL YOU CAN EAT!!! $22.99NO sharing or you will be SHOT! NO take out boxes because you have to eat what you get. If not, you will be FINED. 


All of our chicken plates are served with or without Hillbilly’s BBQ sauce, hushpuppies and your choice of two sides.
                  Macaroni and cheese and bbq beans add $1.00

Load your baked potato $1.59 

Add soup or  pre made salad $1.99.
Add salad bar $3.99

1/4 Chicken Plate $8.50 
1/4 Chicken Only $5.99

1/2 Chicken Plate $10.50
 1/2 Chicken Only $ 7.99

2 Breast Quarters Plate $12.50
2 Breast Quarters Only $8.99

Chicken Strips Plate $8.99 
Chicken Strips Each $1.99

Grilled Ginger Chicken Fillet Plate
 5 oz. $8.59 (One piece)
 10 oz. $11.49 (Two pieces)

Skinless double breast fillet marinated in pineapple juice and ground ginger, then grilled to perfection over a live hickory wood fire. Hillbilly’s Smothered Chicken Plate $12.49

Two 5 oz. chicken breast filers smothered in peppers, onions, and cheese.

Smoked Turkey $8.99 
98% fat free sliced turkey breast, lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise.

Porky Pig $4.99 
Bacon, lettuce, tomato, & mayonnaise.

Hot Dog  (All Beef)$3.59
Choose your toppings - all the way is mustard, chili, onion, and slaw.

Double Dogs ( All Beef) (2) $4.59
Choose your toppings - all the way is mustard, chili, onion, and slaw


Cheesecake                      $3.99    
Cobbler                             $3.99  
Cobbler with Ice Cream $4.75  


Tea, Coffee, Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Mello Yello, Dr. Pepper, Yoo Hoo, Pink Lemonade

    Regular                       $1.99  

   Kid’s Juice Box        $1.59¢  
   Kid’s Beverage             .99¢ 


Crispy Chicken $8.99
 Chicken fried to a golden brown and served on top of our fresh garden salad

Grilled Chicken $8.99  
Chicken marinated in pineapple and ginger, grilled on our hickory pit and served on our fresh garden salad.

BBQ Salad $8.99 
Pork or beef BBQ slow cooked on our hickory pit, chopped, and served on top of our fresh garden salad.

Turkey Breast 
$8.99 Smoked turkey grilled on our hickory pit, and served on top of our fresh garden salad.

Salad Bar $6.99 
A meal in itself! Soup & Salad $7.99  
Ask your server about our Soup of the Day 


Monday -Thursday-11am-9pm


Sunday: 11am-3pm


Call us AT:



Prices are subject to change

HILLBILLY’S SENIOR FRIENDS That includes Bobby Duncan, AKA “Paw Paw.” Seniors 55 and older can enjoy the regular size portions at a value price. Plates served with our BBQ sauce, hushpuppies and your choice of 2 sides.
Macaroni and cheese add $1.00-BBQ beans add $1.00

 Add soup or  pre made side salad for $1.99 or add salad bar for $3.99

 Sliced plates add 40¢. 

   Dine In Only 
Small Chopped Pork Plate 6.99

Small Chopped Beef Plate $7.99

1/4 BBQ Chicken Plate $ 6.99

Ginger Chicken Breast Fillet $7.99     


                                 Cup                                             Bowl

Brunswick Stew cup-$2.99                               bowl- $3.99

Hillbilly Chili cup-$2.99                                       bowl-$3.99

BBQ Beans cup- $2.99                                         bowl-$3.99

Pinto Beans cup- $2.99                                        bowl-$3.99

Soup of the Day cup- $3.49                                bowl- $4.99

Hillbilly Stuffed Potato $4.99
 Stuffed with chopped pork and cheese.

 Specialty  Sides

Baked Sweet Potato    $2.99

Pinto Beans                    $2.99

Mac-n-cheese                $2.99
Hillbilly's Fries               $2.59


Fried Okra                       $1.79
Cole Slaw                      $1.59 

Corn Cobbette              $1.59
BBQ Slaw                      $1.59 

Potato Salad                  $1.99
Baked Potato                 $1.99 
Mashed Potatoes         $1.99
Green Beans                  $1.99
Collard Greens              $1.99

Hushpuppies                 $1.99

Grilled Steak Bread       .75¢ 

Dish of Pickles               .49¢ 
Bun                                  . 45¢