Monday -Thursday-

11am-9:00 pm


Sunday: 11am-3pm


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since 1989

               300 plate minimum

  $3.50 per plate (+ tax)

Fundraiser Includes:

Pork (5 oz.)

Sauce (2 oz.)

Cole Slaw (4 oz.)

2 Buns

Bag Chips

Eating Utensils     

You can make 2 sandwiches easily)

Additional Items:

           Dessert 35¢ extra per person 
         (individually wrapped cookies)


1. We  bring the food and show you how to make the plates.

2. We set up and get you started, we will be in contact with you throughout the day on how you are doing and your quantity.

3. We will bring all of the equipment 
(serving pans, etc.)

4. You provide the labor - we provide the food.

5. You make money and the customers get 

​great food.

6. If it is a large fundraiser we will stay on site with you throughout the day.